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Lessons Learned from Streaming – Mental Health

Welcome Fellow Ninjas, I’m Taylor Bouton the Nerdy Ninja thanks for joining. Recently I started streaming my YouTube Channel: Taylor Bouton I never thought that I would ever become a streamer but once my YouTube channel started blowing up I figured that it would be a fun way to connect with my followers and playContinue reading “Lessons Learned from Streaming – Mental Health”

Taylor Bouton | The Nerdy Ninja | Salmon Ladder Video with Drew Drechsel

Hi Fellow Ninjas, One of my favorite days also become my most successful YouTube videos with nearly 10 million views (embedded at bottom of the post)! The obstacle, the Salmon Ladder, involves bringing a bar up a set of rungs. It was inspired by salmon jumping upstream when they are ready to spawn. Back inContinue reading “Taylor Bouton | The Nerdy Ninja | Salmon Ladder Video with Drew Drechsel”

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